Karl Joseph Ufert

Karl Joseph Ufert (born August 10, 1964, in New York, New York) is an American marketing executive and consultant. He is President and Co-Principal Partner of Mitra Creative, a New York and Taipei, Taiwan-based marketing, branding, communications and interactive, multimedia and print design consultancy. He is also Co-Principal Partner of iluren, an on-line gallery for modern, handcrafted jewelry and home decor. In both enterprises, he partners with the multimedia designer, .

Karl Ufert's parents are Frank Ufert, a former professional photographer and later an OSHA officer and . He received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Creative Writing in 1988 from the City College of New York CUNY, and wrote his Master of Arts thesis in Theater and Linguistics in the English Department of the New York University Graduate School of Arts and Science.

Professional Career

Karl Ufert's first career was in Higher Education. After brief employment with the McGraw-Hill Companies, he went on to join the administrations of New York University and Columbia University until 1999. In Higher Education Administration, he worked in the fields of marketing, recruitment, educational financing (financial aid) and technology. He followed this by serving as a Principal Consultant to Oracle Corporation's international Higher Education Consulting Practice (part of the Oracle Services Industries group, then headed by Jay Nussbaum).

He moved further into the private sector in 2000, first as Senior Director of Marketing for AMC Computer Corp., a New York-based IT business consultancy and value-added technology reseller. He then became Vice-President of Marketing and Sales for VFinity, a New York, Taipei, and Beijing-based video software company which produces tools for media production, archiving and publishing.

Ufert and Vincent Wang started ILUREN LLC, the parent company to Mitra Creative and iluren.com, in New York in 2005. Mitra Creative provides marketing, communications, design (both Web Design and Print Design) and related application development and integration solutions - custom-designed Content Management Systems, E-Commerce and CRM applications -- for clients in the technology, media/entertainment, education and non-profit industries and others.

Ufert, Karl Joseph
Ufert, Karl Joseph
Ufert, Karl Joseph
Ufert, Karl Joseph
Ufert, Karl Joseph
Ufert, Karl Joseph
Ufert, Karl Joseph

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