Jojo CMS

Jojo CMS is a open source content management system for building websites, distributed under the LGPL license. Jojo CMS provides a framework for developers to build websites, and an administration interface for editing page content.
Like many content management systems, Jojo CMS can be extended using plugins and themes, and a number of these are supplied by the developers. Jojo can operate in a Multisite environment, allowing many websites to be run off a single codebase. Jojo CMS claims to be a search engine friendly CMS, providing features such as clean URLs, duplicate content prevention, and sitemap plugins.
Jojo is built using PHP / MySQL, and a number of open source projects including Smarty, jQuery and Xinha. It has been successfully installed on Apache, IIS and LigHTTPD web servers.
Jojo CMS was first created as a proprietary content management system for PDF Communications (now gardyneHOLT). Jojo was in use on around 40 commercial websites when the decision was made in 2007 to turn Jojo CMS into an open source project.
The motivation for going open source was based on a few key factors:
* Wanting to avoid the stigma associated with proprietary software
* Wanting to improve the codebase
* Wanting to encourage community contributions to the project
* Wanting to gain increased exposure / business
Jojo is currently maintained by four developers based in Auckland, New Zealand.
Most of Jojo CMS' functionality comes from plugins, many of which are included in the core distribution. Features include:
* Multisite installation allowing several websites to operate off a single installation of code
* Extensible plugin architecture
* Combines and compresses multiple Javascript and CSS files before outputting to the browser
* Templating based on Smarty
* UTF-8 compatible
* Group based permissions system
* Table prefixing allowing multiple installs to run from a single database
* OpenID support
* Image resizing on the fly
* Search engine friendly URLs
* Duplicate content prevention
* BBCode or WYSIWYG editor for editing content
* Automatic Obfuscation of email addresses
* Prevention of email header injection on form submissions
Plugins maintained as part of the project include:
* Affiliates - an integrated affiliate system with search engine friendly affiliate links
* Articles - a customizable blog / article plugin with comments
* Contact - a customizable contact form including an optional CAPTCHA
* Convert currency - A currency conversion widget
* FAQ - An editable FAQ page plugin
* Forum - A CSS based forum that integrates with the Jojo CMS login system
* Gallery3 - A configurable image gallery plugin
* Gmaps - Add Google maps to web pages
* Google Video - Add Google videos to pages
* Google verification - An easy way of managing Google Webmaster Tools verification files
* Link Exchange - A reciprocal links manager plugin
* Links - Manage a list of links to 3rd party websites
* Newsletter PHP List - A newsletter distribution plugin based on PHP List
* OpenID - Adds OpenID client support to a Jojo CMS website
* Pagination - A simple way of adding search engine friendly pagination to plugins (eg product databases)
* Search - Adds a search box to a site, which plugins can integrate results into
* Sitemap - Adds a user sitemap and an XML sitemap, which plugins can integrate with
* Slideshow - A jQuery based image slideshow, useful for banners
* Tags - A tagging plugin for articles, pages, images etc
* Testimonials - A databased managed way of adding client testimonials
* Youtube - Simplifies the process of inserting Youtube videos
Users are also encouraged to create their own plugins to customize Jojo.
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