John Troutman

John Troutman is a notable webcomic artist. He was born in 1983 in Ohio, but his family quickly moved to Arizona. He debuted on the World Wide Web with The Adventures of Sporkman on January 20, 2000 and was one of the earliest cartoonists (#12) to join the fledgling Keenspace service for free webcomic hosting. He worked on this comic improving his drawing and writing skills for well over a year before moving on to his better known Basil Flint, P.I. comic which was on Keenspot, but ended in 2005. He created a spin off strip Felicity Flint, Agent from H.A.R.M. and collaborated with Meaghan Quinn on a western adventure strip, ', both of which debuted on Graphic Smash, a subsidiary of Modern Tales, before both Felicity and then Vigilante, Ho! moved to Keenspot.
His greatest moment of notoriety came when he publicly railed against Keenspot's comic selection process with great vitriol before later joining Keenspot's ranks. His second greatest moment, which he claims to never want to hear about again, is when his friends who also had online comics banded together for a 'Spot the Spork' campaign to get him on Keenspot. It failed, but years later, even after ending the original Sporkman comic, Troutman began a chibi Sporkman comic on Keenspot, effectively 'spotting' the spork after all.
During 2005, he wrote another spinoff of Basil Flint: '.
On October 25th, 2005 Troutman has announced that he has stopped all production on all of his webcomics in favor of a relaunch of the entire Basil Flint series, from the ground up. He relaunched Basil Flint in 2006 on a monthly update schedule, so that his work will read more like a regular comic book. Vigilante, Ho! was supposed to resume around then as well .
Flint Again launched on April 3rd, 2006 and updated until June, 2007. In July 2008, Troutman launched Flat Feet and High Heels, another reshuffle of the Flint continuity. This comic ended in 2009, after which he started the comic Delusionary State, in which a group of scientists enter the world of the Wizard of Oz.
In July 2009, Troutman was forced to leave Keenspot because of a conflict.
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