Johan Shevanesh

Johan Shevanesh born in Broadway, Chennai, originally known as Shevanesh, is a music programmer, instrumentalist and sound engineer. He works notably in keyboard, harmonium and piano. He has worked with various illustrious artists like Shankar Mahadevan, Benny Dayal, Hariharan, Vijay Prakash, Shreya Ghoshal, Harini, Blaze, Shwarnalatha, Harishraganth, Haricharan and Rahul Nambiyar.
Early life and family
*He graduated from Bishop Corrie Higher Secondary School in 2004 before starting his music career in Kutcherry. His family members are G Logonathan Pillai (Father), Nilavazhaghi (Mother), Shakthi (Brother). His inborn, gifted and natural talent was recognized by the Film Industry and invited him to the Cinema field. In a short span of 7 years, he performed for about 2000 programs and played in live bands for Lakshman Shruthi, Jeeva Radha Shruthi, Maestro Karunas, Gangayamaram and Deva brothers as the main instrumentalist.
*His contributions include performing for Raja Geetham, Patuku Paatu, Saptaswaram, Pudheya Ragangal and the Airtel Star Singer Programs. Along with this he has done shows in Europe, UAE,Middle East and South East Country, Africa and America.
*He lived the most cherished moment of a budding singer by having the privilege of organizing the preeminent Illayaraja Sir’s One Man Show (2007).
*He climbed from Kutcherry to Cinema Industry through a Children’s Special show, where he shared the stage with Simbu and GV Prakash which inspired him to come to the Film Industry.
Early exposure to music
*Johan’s grandfather was a sitar player and teacher, who put the seed of music in Johan when the latter was really young. Inspired by grandpa and uncles (Jeevaraja and Poovazhaghan). Johan joined MS Nithyananthan and learnt Hindustani and Carnatic music in harmonium. After growing deep into music, he learnt to play piano in both western and classical style from Master Natarajan.
*After finishing his senior secondary year he attended Vaapa Convervatory to learn about sound engineering basics and after that flew to Switzerland for further studies on sound techniques from Bob.
*Johan started his music direction by working for PSY movie makers/company, YOBU brought Johan from kutcherry field to music.After that he signed his feature film with the eminent director Murugayya (Kurunila Manan). His works were first seen in the movie kollaikaran which released in 2012. After completion of Kollaikaran, Johan started working with talented director Ananda Krishnan for the movie Aal, which was produced by Soundarya Pictures.
*Director of Aal, Ananda Krishan(director) again paired with Johan started another movie Metro, which was acclaimed as one of the most realistic films, and left a markable place in public. Metro movie provided the stage for Johan to Showcase his talent.Times of India quoted Background score by Johan was an asset to the movie Metro.
His latest music directions for Uru by Vicky Anand, YM medias is eagerly awaited and Metro production a second movie was signed,Kutti karanam of murugayyas]
Musical characteristics
South Indian music with his own unique character and also mixture of all genres.
Notable works
*Live performance -more than 8 years experience in live bands.
*(Released June 16th)
*Kuttikaranam (Shooting process)
*Ananayam(Metro Production)
*Kurunilamanan(not released)
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