JBovier Stringed Instruments

JBovier is an American manufacturer of mandolins and other stringed instruments.
Company history
JBovier Stringed Instruments was founded in 2005, when founder and designer Jeff Cowherd first began selling JBovier instruments out of his own small shop, Mandolins & More, in Walton, KY. Jeff's goal was to produce a professional-quality mandolin that was affordable for serious players like himself, but who didn't necessarily have deep pockets. As of 2013 the instruments are produced in China then shipped back to Jeff where he finishes them.
JBovier manufactures a variety A & F style acoustic mandolins, as well as a line of electric mandos.
A-Style Mandolins
*A4 (Oval-holed)
*A5 (F-holed)
F-Style Mandolins
*F5S (Studio)
*F5T (Tradition)
*F5Z (Zebrawood)
*F5 Special
Electric Mandolins
In 2009, JBovier launched a new series of solid-body, electric mandolins ("e-mandos") inspired by the classic instruments of the 1950s and 1960s.
*EMC (available in 4-string and 5-string)
*ELS (available in 5-string)
Artists Who Use JBovier Mandolins
*Brian Nutter, multi-instrumentalist for Keith Urban, played a JBovier EMC e-mando throughout the band's Summer 2010 tour.
*Mike Meadows, multi-instrumentalist for Taylor Swift, plays a JBovier F5T and F5Z mandolin.
*Darren Nicholson of the bluegrass band Balsam Range, plays a JBovier mandolin.
*Susie Brown of the JaneDear Girls plays a custom-shop JBovier EMC e-mando.
*Rob Grant of the Cameltones plays a JBouvier F5 Studio.
* David Lewis, Sydney based musician uses a JBovier ELS.
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