Jamie Thompson

Jamie Lee Thompson (born April 30, 1976 in Winnipeg, Manitoba) to parents Allen Alfred Thompson & Linda Maurine Earl, brother to 2 younger sisters who both reside in the city of Winnipeg. Jamie is the founder and of Rowdys Inc. as well as an accoplished chef by trade. In the spring of 2001 Jamie and his best friend Daryl founded a small 2 man group called the Roller Rowdys Inc. By late 2006 the 2 man group had expanded its ideas amongst the duo and the name Roller Rowdys Inc. was solely taken and accredited to Jamie. In early 2007 the name underwent a change to Rowdys Inc. and Jamie launched a website as of April 24, 2008 to support the Rowdys Inc. which is now run by its parent company Thompson Enterprises Ltd.

By the age of 8 Jamie watched his parents go through a seperation and then a legal battle for
soul custody of him and his 2 sisters. His father was awarded care and control of him and his
sisters and his mother was given visitation rights. Over the next 10 years he would attend Robertson
Elementary, Andrew Mynarski Junior High, Sisler High School and R.B.Russell Vocational High where he would eventually graduate with a commercial cooking degree.

Throughout Jamie's childhood he was physically, mentally and verbally abused by his father until 16 years of age. At age 13 Jamie went to live with his mother and her husband after his father threatened to take him to the Manitoba Youth Center and leave him there. There was no apparent reason for the incident his father was upset. Jamie would live with his mother until the age of 16 when he would return to live with his father.

Personal Life
1994 - 2001
Jamie dated his high school sweetheart Sandra Louise Gullberg which he met through a close friend when attending Sisler High School. A tumultuous relationship through the later part of the last 6 years, 2 children had been born, multiple break-ups, extreme infidelity and in 2001 a legal dispute over the custody of both children. Jamie was given interim custody of both children, a non removal order was placed against Sandra with the legal dispute still pending over her abandonment of both children and leaving them with her 16 year old brother at home and fleeing to the United States to meet a man she had been talking to fluently over an internet chat server.

After arriving in Hartford, Connecticut Sandra phoned back to Manitoba to find out that Jamie had been in contact with her brother and removed the children from the home to persue legal consultation. When Sandra finally got in contact with Jamie over the telephone while staying at his fathers place she cited "How dare you take my children away from me!" . Upon that, his answer to her question was cited as "You left them so why should I not be there for them?" . The legal battle between Jamie and Sandra took place on December 3, 2001 infront of judge Aquila with Jamie's representing council Douglas A. Mayer of Shewchuck and Associates of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The judgement went in favor to Jamie as given legal interim custody of both thier children. Sandra was ruled against for 2 default judgements agaist her, not attending her court dates or being represented by any council. The litigation between Sandra and Jamie is still pending to date.

On January 25, 2007 at 10:45 PM while working for Garda Security Jamie was nearly killed in a car which unfolded at the accident intersection of Taylor Ave. W and Park Blvd. S in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba. After approaching the stop sign at the intersection Jamie stopped the vehicle and then proceeded West bound on Taylor Ave. to his destination. Upon entering the intersection completely, a North bound vehicle travelling on Park Blvd. S failed to stop at the stop sign and hitting Jamie's vehicle at approximately 65 Kmh. The impact threw the vehicle through the intersection North bound spinning it around eventually coming to rest on a snow bank facing South bound on Park Blvd. S directly infront of the stop sign.

After the impact Jamie was able to walk away from the accident after climbing through the passenger side door. The occupants of the other vehicle rushed over to see if he was ok where he learned that the driver of the other vehicle was a 17 year old female who had only had her license for a short period of time. She admittedly took 100% of the fault. She explained how she tried to stop for the stop sign but slid through. No markings were present of a skid through the opposite stop sign into the intersection. The only present markings were from where both vehicles collided. Her boyfriend cited "Before we hit your vehicle I put my feet up on the dashboard to hold myself back from the window" .

No known injuries were sustained by the opposing vehicles occupants. Jamie sustained a cut left ear, severe concusion, severe whiplash and torn rotator cuffs, he now lives with chronic neck and back pain. It took almost 2 weeks for the 17 year old woman to make her claim to Manitoba Public Insurance. She claimed 100% at fault for the accident but also claimed she was not the driver of the vehicle, that her boyfriend was. Their adjuster obtained contact with Jamie only to find out that she was the driver of the opposite vehicle. Her boyfriend cited "I was driving the vehicle but because I didn't have my license on me I used hers" .

The retail price of a 2005 Nissan Sentra 1.8 Special Edition fully loaded from the dealership - $18,000.
The estimated damage to the Garda vehicle - $14,000

Garda now uses these accident pictures as part of their security training video.

An 18+ year player of the guitar, Jamie is a self taught musician. Learning by ear or through friends he became very talented which led to the skill of singing and song writing. To date there has been no contract signings for a musical career. In 2005 a personal song written and produced by himself was leaked onto the internet and shared throughout P2P networks, the song is titled Jump The Gun. In 2006 while working on marketing a CD project with a former friend, the basement of the home studio being worked in was subject to a break and enter and 25 recorded CD's had been stolen along with the masters and numerous amounts of mixing equpiment. The CD was entitled Continental Divide. Nobody has ever been held responsible for the thefts. Jamie also plays the drums, piano, harmonica, bass.

Musical Inspirations
Guitar - Slash, Eddie Van Halen, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani

Vocals - Chad Kroeger, Tyler Connolly, Dallas Smith

Bands - Guns N' Roses, Nickelback, Theory of a Deadman, Default, Skid Row, Mötley Crüe, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Tesla, Van Halen

Prefered Instruments
Gibson, Ibanez, Morgan, Yamaha, Guild, PRS

Owned Instruments
1959 Gibson Les Paul Standard (Re-Issue)

2001 Gibson Les Paul Studio (Teal)

1999 Ibanez RG350 (Pearl White)

1994 Ibanez X Series (Black)

1989 Fender Acoustic

1993 Yamaha Acoustic

Legal Issues
None to date

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