Jahanara Foundation

Jahanara Foundation (JF) is an independent, international non-profit and nongovernmental organization that aims to promote social values, peace and the humanity in the less developing communities around the world. Foundation’s headquarters based in London, England and regional office based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Jahanara Foundation is charitable foundation and not a grant making foundation. The Foundation controlled by its six trustees. Other principal officers include Co- Founder & Chief Executive Syed Barique Mahmood and Director of Global Operation Spencer Steven Marshall.


Jahanara Foundation was created in June 2007 in London, England by Nusrat Jahan, the youngest daughter of late Jahanara Islam. This Foundation is a memorable trust of Jahanara Islam and thus foundation named after her. The initial fund to operate its charitable activities generate from its Founders & founding Trustees.


The current president of the Foundation is Nusrat Jahan. She is the head of the Foundation. She has embarked on an agenda to change the traditional organizational structure and identify the major 21st-century trends that could be affected by the foundation. It now seeks out high-impact ideas that can potentially make a difference in the lives of large numbers of poor or vulnerable people, with measurable results within five to ten years.

Mission statement
* United against HIV/AIDS and Drugs
* Provide health and educational support for woman, children and youth
* Support to reduction injustice and social exclusion
* Promote international co-operation and coherence
* Promote social awareness and democratic values
* Advance human achievement
* Work together for global peace and human welfare
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