International Research Initiative Bangladesh

International Research Initiative Bangladesh is an online research platform providing opportunities for academic research for graduate students and university professors. Based at Dhaka it facilitates through its website independent research works spanning the broad spectrum of politics and societal studies; social works; Islamic issues and history; literature and linguistics; development and legal studies; and urban and regional studies. The online research community thus developed also promotes knowledge networking and academic works on social activism in and outside Bangladesh.
At IRIBD the research team consists of an increasing number of graduate students, PhD researchers, and faculty members from universities as well as professionals outside the academia. The universities so far represented by the researchers are: in Bangladesh, the University of Dhaka, Jahangirnagar University, and National University; in Belgium, the University of Leuven and University of Antwerp; and in the United Kingdom, the University of Edinburgh, University of Warwick, University of Law, and King's College London.
Research centers
Researches at the IRIBD are facilitated and coordinated either under individual supervision (managed through research coordinators from iribd), or through any of the affiliated research centers. Currently they are:
* Center for Advanced Study of Politics and Society ([ CAPS@iribd])
* Center for Literature and Linguistics ([ CELL@iribd])
* Center for Youth and Childcare ([ CYC@iribd])
* Center for Advance Study in Islam ([ Islam@iribd])
* Center for Justice and Development ([ CJD@iribd])
* Center for Urban and Regional Planning ([ CURP@iribd])

While the centers are by nature oriented with a global focus, some of them—the CYC and CURP, for example—has priority focus on Bangladesh.
As a research body, IRIBD is still a relatively new entity. However, it is leaving steady footprints both at national and international levels. Researchers affiliated to IRIBD has presented papers within and outside Bangladesh, including in the UK and Belgium. In May 2015 IRIBD was invited to participate at the PPRC conference at Dhaka and, in June of the same year, to present paper at the 2015 Myanmar Update Conference at the College of Asia and Pacific, Australian National University.
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