India and state terrorism

The Republic of India has been accused by Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh of formenting terrorism in their respective territories by using its external-intelligence agency, the Research & Analysis Wing (RAW), or at least having links to certain sources that signify to terrorism. All in all, as many as 40 fighter training camps have been identified in the states of Rajasthan, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh and oher parts of India, accused and suspected to be run and activated by the RAW's Special Service Bureau (SSB).
Support for Sri Lankan Rebels
The Research and Analysis Wing was allegedly blamed for aiding the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) in Sri Lanka during the 1970's prior to India U-turn in its foreign policy vis-a-vis LTTE when LTTE's efforts gave impetus to separatist groupa in Southern India. India sent 'peacekeepers' to Sri lanka to fight the LTTE but they were later withdrawn hastily in the face of abject failure. Indian media regularly carried reports chastising the state government of Tamil Nadu as well as the federal government for failing to act against the LTTE which drew support and funds from well connected Indian politicians who harbored sympathies for the Tamil minority of Sri lanka. All this culminated in to the 'Jain Commission'.According to Nytimes from about 1983, the Governments of Indira Gandhi and her son Rajiv diverted secret intelligence funds to a program under which Sri Lankan Tamil groups, including the Tigers, were armed and trained at camps in Tamil Nadu and elsewhere in India.Indira Gandhi beside LTTE supported and trained three other organizations EPRLF, EROS and TELO.And also let them used Indian Soil against Sri Lanka.
The intelligence agencies even organised an ambush in Amparai by the Indian-raised Tamil National Army on a Sri Lankan Army brigade commander.All major Tamil guerrilla groups received military training and logistical support from India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). This training took place in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu, where ethnic, linguistic, and trade ties exist between the Tamils of India and Sri Lanka.Due to Political pressure from Tamil Nadu's Political parties Indian Naval chief denied giving any support to Sri Lankan Government to fight LTTE. .India Ofically denys it's links with LTTE.LTTE was banned in India after assassination of the former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1991.
Support for BLA
The Government of Pakistan has also blamed India for its alleged involvement in the Balochistan conflict. India's RAW has been repeatedly accused of clandestinely funding terroist organisations such as the Balochistan Liberation Army in Pakistan's Balochistan state. Pakistan claims to have unravelled many elements that point to India for the cause of the conflict. Sri Lanka has also criticised India for its involvement in that conflict
Indian RAW Spies arrested in Lahore
On January 29 2009, three Indian spies suspected of carrying out terrorist attacks and having links with the Research & Analysis Wing were caught and arrested in the city of Lahore by the city police. The city police, with the help of intelligence agencies, had foiled a "deadly plan" that had included the carrying out of large-scale bloodshed. A police spokesman later stated that remote-control bombs, explosives and sensitive documents had been uncovered in large scales besides huge cache of sophisticated weapons and maps/drawings of sensitive installations from their possession. The Capital City Police Chief, Pervez Rathore, disclosed while addressing at a press conference that the arrested terrorists had confessed their involvement in smuggling across the border from India to Pakistan, as well as confessing that during their visits to India, they had also managed to establish contacts with the RAW. He said that "RAW officials used to help the terrorists in crossing the border from Gate number 139."
According to sources, the police further stated that other than Lahore, plans of carrying out bomb blasts had also been made in other localities including Faisalabad, Mansehra, Muridke and Chichawatni, all of which had been unfoiled.
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