imadethismistake is a folk punk / emotional hardcore band made up of Kylewilliam Campol, although he often has other musicians perform and record with him when the set involves more than an acoustic guitar. imadethismistake began with Kylewilliam in Toronto, Ontario, and at one point in time has called Coral Springs, Florida, Tallahassee, Florida, Providence, Rhode Island, &Richmond, Virginia home. He has so far released a , 2 EPs, 3 Full-Length albums, and a limited edition tape cassette.
imadethismistake was originally an acoustic project started in 2002 consisting solely of Kylewilliam playing a guitar and harmonica.
In 2006 Kyle began to manage a local record label, "safe!!!forever!!! recordings". In the same year, Kylewilliams's MySpace band profile was hacked and his songs "Staring Blindly into a Dull Sunset" and "We Ration their Smiles" were stolen, renamed as "She Looked Like Death" and "Regret", and made to look like the creations of a notorious internet hacker named "Andrewlandon".
imadethismistake expanded to an entire electric set in 2007, but the line-up changed in 2009 when Kyle moved from Florida up to Providence, Rhode Island. In 2009, the band has toured throughout the US, UK, and Europe playing small venues.
The third album, "Bow and Quiver" became available for pre-order in March, two months before its release on May 11. The album is much different from the band's earlier work. Reviews have said that the album has a stronger post-punk feel than prior albums.
In August 2010, the band released all of their previous recordings from "The Hatchet and The Princess" to "It's Okay" for free on their official page.
The Hatchet and the Princess
The Hatchet and the Princess was the band's first EP released in November 2005.
It was recorded on 4-track tape recorder in Coral Springs, FL.
The Hypothetical Child's Hypothetical Situation
imadethismistake's second EP was released on June 6, 2006. The first two EPs were released on "safe!!!forever!!! recordings".
One of the songs on the EP, "We Ration Their Smiles" was hacked and stolen by a hacker named "andrewlandon".
#Boy With A Broken Jaw
#The Idiot Savant
#In The Midst Of This Comfortable Coma
#Return of the Terrible Hatchet
#We Ration Their Smiles
#The World Is...
#...Not A Happy Place
The Bonfire Club
The Bonfire Club was released in 2006 on a . It is Kylewilliam's third EP released
# "Staring Blindly Into A Dull Sunset"
# "Leaving Home To Find It Again"
# "Make Like The Fire's Still Going And Burn, Burn, Burn"
# "In Limbo (Where Your Secrets Are Safe With Me)"
Tomorrow, We Start New
Tomorrow, We Start New is imadethismistake's debut album. It was released in 2007 on Valient Death Records, and the Bonfire Club records. Kylewilliam was backed by the now defunct Florida based band Cripple Lilies.
# "Gravediggers On Their Deathbeds Pt. 1" - 1:30
# "College or a Broken Nose" - 2:58
# "The Chalkline Angel" - 3:13
# "My Sins" - 3:27
# "Sunkist" - 2:41
# "Imaginary Notes - 4:31
# "Doves + Hawks" - 2:58
# "Tomorrow, We Start New" - 5:51
# "Gravediggers On Their Deathbeds Pt. 2" - 2:14
It's Okay
It's Okay (2008) is available on 12", and tape cassette formats. The album has received several reviews from,, and several other websites. In November 2009, the CD became available for digital download on The Cottage Record's website.

# "I Swear"
# "There are Clear Skies Beyond Tallahassee"
# "Friends and Enemies"
# "My Sins"
# "A Return to Form"
# "O.C.D. is B.S."
# "Daydreams at Large"
# "Shit End of the Wishbone (Purist)"
# "Tear it Off Proper (for Ben, Cayce, and Joe)"
# "It's Okay"
# "I Promise"
The album "It's Okay" has received several reviews from (3.5/5),,, and (8.5/10)
Tomorrow, We Start New
"Tomorrow, We Start New" was re-recorded by Kylewillaim and George Zhen and re-released on September 1, 2009. The track listing is the same.
Different Ghosts
Different Ghosts is a limited edition cassette tape sold in late 2009.
Bow and Quiver
"Bow and Quiver" was released on May 11, 2010 on Bermuda Mohawk Productions for CD, and Bermuda Mohawk Productions as well as Solidarity Recordings for vinyl. The album recorded in three different studios in New York, Rhode Island, and Florida.
The album features a much stronger post-punk sound then the earlier albums, and is more diverse in regards to the instruments used; a piano, french horn, and saxophone are used throughout the album.
# "New York" - 2:56
# "Evasion Tactics" - 2:15
# "Billboards" - 3:34
# "Rogue Islands" - 4:06
# "Stateside" - 3:59
# "Sub-Tropics" - 1:56
# "Weak Week" - 3:34
# "Winter in New Bedfore" - 4:32
# "The Grimmerie Pt. 1: A Not So Fond Farewell" - 6:01
# "The Grimmerie Pt. 2: Go Ahead, Ascend" - 4:13
:Mike Natoli - Engineering
:Kyle Campol - Production/Arrangement
:George Zhen - Mixing/Mastering
:Kyle Campol - Vocals/Guitar
:Chris Carrera - Bass guitar
:Neil King - Drums
:Jon Pagano - Saxophone
:Cecilia Yudin- French horn
:George Zhen - Piano
*Additional instrumentation
:Jillian McGrath - Vocals
:Mike Natoli - Vocals
:"Fat Man" - Guitar solos/Vocals
Music videos have been created for the songs "Sunkist", "Chamber Pop", "Gravediggers On Their Deathbeds Pt. 2", and "Billboards".
imadethismistake has cited Neutral Milk Hotel, The Get Up Kids, The Promise Ring, Latterman, The Mountain Goats, Bear Vs Shark, The Thermals, mewithoutYou, The Weakerthans, Baroness, Converge, and Chris Hansen all as influences in their music writing.
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