Igor Burger

Igor Burger (1962 Bratislava) is a control line(C/L) aerobatics pilot participating in FAI (air sports federation) sanctioned class F2B (tethered control line aerobatic models) from Slovakia. He is double World champion - 2012, 2014; triple European champion 2011, 2013, 2015 and triple World cup winner 2013, 2014,2015. Double holder 2012, 2014 holder of the F2B Individual - Jim Walker Individual Trophy (renamed Steve Wooley Cup). In the year 2014 of the FAI World Cup championship he reached full number of points by winning all contests he participated. On 2016 World Championships he finished second.
He started to design and construct stunt models already as a student of the secondary school in footsteps of Jozef Gábriš. He started his international F2B contest career in 1998. His constructions were named: Tiny, Middle, Max, Max II and Next. However most successful model is the Max Bee with design based on computer model of aerodynamics and flight mechanics of control line models using also logarithmic device to control wing flaps improving flying properties of this models. Models based on his design spread to community were used by several other top pilots including former world champions and thus he made a breakthrough in over 60 years old conservative class.
Igor Burger invented and developed electric motor controller for automatic throttle regulation of the speed during tethered flight which becomes standard equipment of top pilots. He is the first competitor in individual class F2B, who become a World and European champion with electric aircraft.
Igor Burger is also a promoter of indoor control line stunt flying. He developed reliable electric stunt model flying on short control lines at extremely low speed allowing winter preparation of stunt pilots in gyms. Simplicity and availability of that model attracts new beginners but also old stunt pilots who want to recall their older years with C/L models.
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