I Am a Curious Gaijin

I Am A Curious Gaijin is a feature film Docu-drama set in Japan, directed by Masaaki Fujimori and produced by Fujimori. It is a Vermilion Editions production.
An American woman explores Japan, and being obsessed with their culture and history, takes the viewer to human rights protests and an investigation of sexuality as she poses questions about non-Japanese perceptions of their culture.
* Yumi Yoshiyuki as Filmmaker
* Toshio Matsumoto as Filmmaker
* Caiya as Housewife / Wrestler
* Marty Friedman as Musician
* Peter Barakan as D.J.
* Kotoku Sugioka as Weird Festival Historian
* Larry Rodney as Creator of "Charisma Man"
* Wayne Wilson as Creator of "Charisma Man"
* Christian Storms as Actor
* Charles Ayres as TV Personality
* Masuaki Kiyota asPsychic

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