Hutchinson Middle School

Arlie F. Hutchinson Middle School is a middle school in the . Hutchinson Middle School is located in La Mirada, a residential area in Southeast Los Angeles County. Arlie F. Hutchinson was the first school opened in La Mirada, it was opened as an elementary school in 1956. In 1993, the school was reconfigured as a middle school, grades 6-8. There are approximately 562 students enrolled at Hutchinson as of November, 2014.
Hutchinson Middle School Magnet/STEM Program
The program coursework integrates Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) principles while focusing on career exploration within the field of engineering. This program entails classroom activities, laboratory use, project-based learning, collaboration, and multimedia presentations. In the Magnet/STEM Program students develop communication, leadership and interpersonal skills. Guest speakers, field trips, and partnerships with local businesses are employed to support student learning. In this program science is partnered with Technology and enhanced through Project-Based Learning and virtual science simulations as students explore Environmental Science, Structural Design, Pre-Aeronautics, Robotics and Electronics. Students will follow the Engineering Design Process with all projects beginning with the brainstorm and research phase, and then progressing to the selection of a design. Students then create a diagram of their idea and build a prototype. Once the prototype is completed, teams test, collect data, and improve on their designs. At the conclusion of each project, students develop an electronic presentation, reviewing Science, Engineering and Math concepts that were addressed. Math, Science, Technology Magnet coursework is based on California Math, Science, and Technology standards. Coursework also integrates the Common Core Standards, which supports problem solving skills, academic vocabulary development and critical reading skills around complex texts. Curriculum and projects are generated from NASA, Discovery Education, Got Stem, Intel, and other STEM related resources. This program covers three subjects corresponding with the Three-Year Program.
# Environmental Engineering - Students design and develop processes and systems that are used to create, monitor, prevent, or correct environmental events and conditions, including the study of solar power, wind energy, and water energy.
# Structural Engineering - Students study structural materials, analyze simple structures, and systematically complete an architectural project.
# Technological Engineering - Students complete small programming projects, airounautic projects, and build VEX Robots.
Section Citations: The iPads are implemented all day in every period.<ref name=":0" /><ref name=":1" /><ref name=":2" /> The iPads are used for taking notes, completing assignments, turning assignments in, and everything else school related.<ref name=":1" /><ref name=":2" /> This program allows a tailored education for every student as students are able to collaborate with each other, and the teacher through the technology, and software that is installed on the device.<ref name=":1" /><ref name=":2" /> The entire campus has Wi-Fi coverage. iPads are taken home every day and substitute/replace the need of textbooks and notebooks.<ref name=":0" /><ref name=":1" /><ref name=":2" />
Core standards
The standard at Hutchinson Middle School is student achievement. This central purpose guides all of the school's actions. The following are specific standard focuses:
# Knowledgeable and caring teachers who engage students in rich and meaningful learning experiences, which will prepare them to meet the challenges of their future.<ref name=":0" />
# High standards for student learning and behavior.
# Opportunities for acceleration and additional support through a high quality curriculum aligned with state and Federal Common Core content standards.<ref name=":0" />
# Use of balanced literacy approaches, including, read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading with conferring, modeled and guided writing, as well as speaking and listening strategies.<ref name=":0" />
# Opportunities for enrichment in the areas of STEM skills.<ref name=":0" />
# Positive communication between school and home.<ref name=":0" />
# All students have access to high quality curriculum, engaging instructional activities, and a supportive learning environment so that each student meets or exceeds state and Federal grade level content standards.<ref name=":0" /><ref name=":1" /> Hutchinson is committed to closing the gap for students who are below grade level, while ensuring that every student makes continuous growth each year.<ref name=":0" /><ref name=":1" />
Courses taught
* Math 6-9
* Science 6-8
* Social Science 6-8
* Language Arts 6-8
* P.E.
* Honors Classes (All courses are honors applicable)
* Pre - Ap Language Arts (7-8)
* Band
* Magnet (STEM)
* iPad 1 To 1 Program (All school year and during school hours)
* Avid
* Guitar
* World Percussion
* Leadership
* Spanish
* Cheerleading (After school)
* Academic Pentathalon (After school)
* A Multitude Of Sports (After school)
* Mock Trial (After school)
* Gate Program (National certification program)
* Before/After school Tutoring
All Sources Present In Above List:<ref name=":0" /><ref name=":1" /><ref name=":2" />
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