Human virtualization

Virtualizing is the use of an object to create an artificial object with the same attributes and behaviors, substitutable with the original object.
Virtualization of human
But for human, because of high complexity of human body and mind, it is very very hard to substitute a whole human with an artificial one. However partial virtualization in different areas are moving forward.
Partial human virtualization
* Human body virtualization: Robotics
** Virtual heart
* Human Brain virtualization: Artificial Intelligence
* Human Vision virtualization: Image processing
** Appearance virtualization: Photography
* Human Imagination virtualization: Movies
Human-related virtualization
* Human Community virtualization: Second life
* Human Environment virtualization: Virtual reality
* The Visible Human Project
* Virtual Human project
* Virtual Human
* Homepage for the Virtual Human(oid) Project
* The Matrix
* The Thirteenth Floor
* Surrogates
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