Heaven Or Hell

Heaven Or Hell is the fifth studio album by Christian rock band David and the Giants. It was released independently in 1981 under the label, Song Of Songs.

This would be the band's last independent album, following the album up with their first public release, David and the Giants the following year. The album has become their lowest selling album to date, selling less than 50,000 units in the United States. Most people who had been farmiliar with the band's first four albums may be surprised to hear the synthesisers and sound effects. Also, most of the songs on the album feature David on acoustic guitar instead of and electric one.

The song I'm A Fanatic was released on their 1983 album Riders In The Sky. It was recorded using an electric guitar instead of acoustic, like on this album. The songs Come On Home Today and In All Things Praise The Lord were played often on tour, as well as at a church they attended in 2001 until 2005 called Christian Life Fellowship, a Pentacostal church in Mississippi. All of the compositions on the album were written by David Huff, except for Life Begins When Your Born Again, written by Rayborn Huff.

Track Listing

# "Look" 3:35
# "In All Things Praise The Lord" 2:36
# "Tis So Sweet To Be Remembered" 3:54
# "Life Begins When Your Born Again" 3:03
# "Never Giving Up" 3:19
# "I'm A Fanatic" 3:37
# "Everybody Wants To Go To The Moon" 3:15
# "Thank God For Jesus Christ" 3:12
# "Come On Home Today" 2:55
# "Heaven Or Hell" 4:22


*David Huff- guitars, vocals, songwriter, engineer, producer
*Clayborn Huff- bass, backup vocals, engineer
*Rayborn Huff- arp quadra, poly korg, songwriter, backup vocals, string ensemble, engineer, co-producer, organ, harp

Signs Of The Time

In the song Look, a line is said: "Wars and rumors of wars, look at the signs of the time". In the later song Signs Of The Time, from Magnificat, the exact same line is quoted.
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