Goro Goro Iki

A long running popular Japanese cartoon, became a television phenomenon in the early nineties. The episodes starred the main protagonist, Hiragama Iki, who was on a constant quest to find the killer of his parents. Other characters include Samuel B. Prime, the cybernetic penguin, and Yamada Shokiri, the robust body guard of Iki. Throughout their hilarious and campy adventures Iki encounters various groups of travelers who both help and hinder his progress. Aided by his longtime companion, Satoshi Naga, he is able to get ever closer to finding what truly happened to his parents. Towards the end of the series Iki stumbles upon an animal companion, Snippy the kangaroo, who stays by his side throughout the rest of the series.

There is also a new video game in production for 2006 based on this show, Terracotta Warrior Iki: Mechanized Typhoon Knight. Its original production for the Playstation 2 has been moved into the release titles for the Playstation 3.

Rumors have surfaced about an upcoming Hollywood adaptation being in the works. Scott Menville and Anthony Head are expected to lend their voice talents and Brett Ratner has expressed interest in it being his first animated movie. The project is currently unnamed.

Also: Goro Goro Iki roughly translates to “The Sound of the Sound of the Heart” from Japanese.

Episode guide
101 Micro Zone - In the sprawling metropolis of Neo Mega Tokyo, a team of tough professional female pirates, aided by Iki, battle an evil alien armada trying to destroy the city.

102 Heaven Beater - In Feudal Japan, Iki and a tough fighting girl with assistance from her shapechanging animal sidekick must fight the evil sorcerer overlord.

103 Scroll Teacher - In Neo Mega Tokyo, Iki must fight an evil overwhelming swarm of the alien armada. He overcomes them with 1950s monster movie style resistance and saves the country.

104 Detonator Guy - In Feudal Japan, Iki accidentally finds a battlesuit combat mecha and must fight a crazed army officer while aliens from the armada attack the field.

105 Chrono Heaven League - Iki is given a robot by his strong uncle (who suffers secret visions) to fight invaders who are vicious angels. The unexpected return of Iki's long lost friend, who has serious personal problems with her strange grandmother (who is secretly in cahoots with the enemy), complicates matters.

201 Doll Breaker Athletes - Trained by birth in a building to defend his town, a boy Iki stumbles upon pilots a War Machine (that resembles a dinosaur) into battle. The unexpected return of the boy's evil aunt adds a twist.

202 Resurrection Gunsmith Project - Iki is given a magical book (that resembles a phoenix) by his uncle to fight invaders who are demons. Iki's magical penguin friend is his only hope.

203 Bizarre Mask Sweeper Sailor - Iki encounters a cybernetic penguin, Samuel B. Prime, who commands an army of penguins. Iki is befriended by the penguin and forced to be held prisoner by his army.

204 Adventure Stalkers - Prime decides to execute Iki to display his power as a leader. However, Iki discovers part of his hidden powers allowing him to destroy much of the penguin army. His hair style changes in this episode from flat and brown to spiky and blue. Prime swears revenge on Iki as he leaves.

205 God Devil Monster - Iki masters his Neutron Beauty Euthanasia attack in order to take on his most evil foe, the Crazemaw, a giant seven-armed bird with mechanical wings. Iki engages the monster but the episode ends in suspense with Iki bound in an energy prison produced by the Crazemaw.

301 Lesson 3: Sparkling Dogma - The episode begins as we last left Iki in the middle of a barren prison cell in the Crazemaw's energy chamber palace. Iki takes some time out this episode to flash back to his childhood, reflecting memories of episodes past. Near the end, interrupting his lengthy soliloquy, Samuel Prime returns to save Iki from the Crazemaw's grasp. An enigmatic battle ensues.
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