A glamper is a person who engages in the act of glamping.

Glamping is a blending of the words ‘Glamorous’ and ‘Camping’.

Glamping is an outdoor recreation activity.

Glamping is known as a luxury alternative to camping.

Destination & Facilities
The participants, known as glampers, get away from urban areas, their home region or civilization in general and enjoy nature while spending one or more nights, at a remote resort offering glamping experiences.

Glampers frequent remote privately owned resorts around the world.

Many glamping resorts have sites with facilities such as spas, restaurants, private bathrooms, private showers, laundry service, butlers, and luxury accommodations.

Today’s glampers have a large range of luxuries available to them: comfortable mattresses, satellite phones, wireless internet, spa services, yoga classes, and home theatre systems.

Glamping may involve the use of a tent or similar structure.

Glampers may choose to use large canvas tents, Mongolian yurts, and recently remote cabins are included as glamping structures. The only defining factor in a structure is requirement for luxury accommodations.

Glamping describes a wide range of activities. Glamping is performed in conjunction with other activities with the use of trained guides, such as hiking, trekking, canoeing, mountain biking, swimming, horseback riding, kayaking, archery, skeet shooting, rock climbing, and fishing.

Tent glamping sites often cost more than hotels with similar amenities, and do not allow direct access by car. Many glamping resorts require alternative modes of transportation such as floatplanes to access them.

Glampers are not campers
Rugged campers (unlike glampers) believe that provisions for comfort detract from the experience of being out-of-doors, but such amenities avoid some hazards of outdoor activities and well as provide luxuries and comforts which are set as standard practice for the higher income brackets.
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