Gary Karp

Gary Karp is the subject or centerpiece of an ongoing project that is both artistic and recreational in nature, one of the first projects classified within the Profound Irrelevance movement.

Since Februgary 12, 1994, Mr. Karp's image & likeness has been photographed, artistically replicated in numerous mediums, and his presence has been referred to in various creations and performances - all resulting in the creation of hundreds (if not thousands) of articles of Garyphanelia, by dozens of Garyacs & Garyphiles, on every continent (including Antarctica), and in or on numerous bodies of water.


The legend began Februgary 12, 1994, when several friends playing food-baseball in San Diego dug a stack of Gary Karp head shots out of a dumpster. As this crew was of the creative sort, they decided to circulate the head shots throughout their friend network, and began posing for pictures with the picture of Gary Karp all over the world (including Ton-Loc Ton-Loc, the Statue of Liberty Statue of Liberty and Willie Nelson Willie Nelson to name a few).

2004: The Ten Year Gary Retrospective

Ten years after Gary-mania began, Garyians gathered together for the Ten Year Gary Retrospective (dubbed eye of the T.Y.G.R), where Garyphenalia was displayed en masse, including the Gary Karpet (hoop stitch), Gary DNA, and a large Make-Your-Mark-on-Gary-Karp interactive area (inspired by such Gary Art as this Gene Simmons piece Gene Simmons Gary.

Media / Press Coverage

In November of 2004, CityBeat Magazine [] published an article on the Gary Karp social phenomenon. ()

The Real Gary Karp

The core group of Garyites have alternately taken no interest, or very little interest in finding the real Gary Karp. Over the years, several suspects have been identified and dismissed by the Gary Founders as the real Gary. There is one photo in circulation that looks surprisingly like Gary Karp, but he also looks as much like Henry Rollins, so has not been verified.

Years ago, a rumor circulated that Gary Karp had a talk show, but no proof of this alligation has been found, or, in truth, looked for.



Additional Karpumentation

Unofficial Gary Karp website:
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