Future of the Bangladesh Navy

The Bangladesh Navy modernization program is a part of the Forces Goal 2030. The navy has been focusing on developing and expanding its naval fleet as a part of its goal of establishing a three-dimensional maritime force that can effectively operate on land, air, and sea in times of war. The modernization program was first introduced in 2012 after a maritime confrontation between Bangladesh and Myanmar, which demonstrated Bangladesh Navy's inadaqacy, and the need for a modernization and expansion of its naval forces. During the first phase of the modernization (2012-2015), a total of 20 combat ships were christened, including two high endurance frigates from United States and two Type 056 corvettes from China. Furthermore, a Stealth ship, the Durjoy-class, a Padma-class, and several landing crafts were constructed at indigenous shipyards. The Bangladesh Navy outlined its intention to build a 150-ship strong navy by 2030, and to produce frigate and corvette indigenous in Bangladeshi ship yards.
The Bangladesh Navy has undertaken a significant submarine induction program to protect the country's vast maritime resources. The first pair of submarine; Ming-class submarine were imported in 2017 from China for $203 million. The purpose of the submarine was to train Bangladesh's naval crews for modern submarine and ease the way for a full fledged submarine fleet, a submarine program proposed to take off starting 2020.
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