is a Japanese software and services company founded in 1987. Its main area of business is development and marketing of computer software for civil engineering. Its headquarters is in Meguro, Tokyo.
The company is known for UC-1 series to support design calculation and analysis for civil engineering, and UC-win series which includes integrated software packages for civil engineering design for Windows. In 2002, UC-win/Road was selected as “Software Product of the Year 2002” hosted by Software Information Center (SOFTIC) and supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. It has a simulation function using three-dimensional VR (virtual reality), and interfaces with a driving simulator etc. The company hosts an annual international contest for 3D VR simulation.
FORUM8 has domestic branch offices in four Japanese cities; an overseas office in Shanghai (subsidiary company); representative offices in Singapore, London, New Delhi, and Sydney. FORUM8 New Zealand Ltd. was established in 1996 for developing software programs. Many of the company’s programs are localized in English, French, Chinese and Korean.
3D Virtual Reality Simulation
In 2000, FORUM8 released UC-win/Road, which was awarded Software Product of the Year in 2002. UC-win/Road was aimed to provide a visual platform on which professionals can cary out discussions. Ever since its release, new versions of UC-win/Road is released every year. It is a market leader in virtual reality simulation for professional use. It is also used in driving simulation for road and railway.
VR Studio
In May 2009, in the bi-annual conference, organised by FORUM8, FORUM8 annouced the release of VR Studio, which is due to be released in Summer 2009. VR Studio will include such features as simultaneous multi-user function, 3D Stereo View, Multiple Realities function and many more.
Microsimulation link
In collaboration with other software developers, FORUM8 has developed plug-ins, which allows users to import data from other software through xml and traffic microsimulation. There are also 3ds import and Shapefile import functions.
Structural Engineering
UC-win/FRAME(3D) is a market leader in dynamic frame structure analysis. It is widely used by professionals, as well as by academics from such universities as Tokyo University for FEM analysis and seismic analysis of structures.
Engineer's Studio
Engineer's Studio is the only product in the market that utilises the Maekawa concrete model, developed by Professor Maekawa in Tokyo University. Engineer's Studio is the market leader in dynamic nonlinear analysis for three dimensional layered plate.
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