Fire Ball Sport

Fire Ball is a sport inspired by Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing from Friends. "The One with the Inappropriate Sister" back in Season 5, Joey and Chandler played fireball using a a tennis ball and some lighter fluid, and the term scorching good fun cannot be more accurate.

The game is played by 2 or more players, usually in a small house or apartment. The general goal is similar to Lacrosse but instead of a 'Netted Stick', players tend to use kitchen implements, such as a Spatula, Ladle or Serving Spoon. A netted Lacrosse stick could be used, although they are expensive and tend not to be robust enough for extended play. The tennis ball is soaked in a flammable liquid like Methylated spirit or Stoddard solvent, and play begins once the ball is lit.

The scoring system is quite simple, the 'score board' is a section of wall, usually near the corner of the room, with 3 rings painted in a triangular configuration. The top ring is worth 4 points, the bottom ring closest to the wall is worth 6 and the final ring is worth 2.

Solo Play
Since fireball has its origins in the 'young man's flat' environment, there are often just 2-3 players. For this reason, the standard game is played 'Solo' where one player must defend the score board, while all other players must attempt to hit the rings with the ball. 'Goalie' duty is taken in rotation, using based on a timer. The Goalie will often wear an Oven Mit to allow for safer hand deflections.

Team Play
Usually requiring a larger field of play, Team Fireball features two score boards, on opposite corners of the room, where each team must play into their opponents board. The gameplay rules are generally the same, and although rotation of the 'Goalie' is optional it is advised.

American Fireball
In North America, Fireball (or American Fireball) often features all players wearing Oven Mits and even Aprons for protection. This practice is generally acceptable for international play, when minors are involved, however it is frowned upon on the senior international circuit.

Outdoor Fireball
Players may sometimes move the field of play outdoors, particularly in the hot summer months, or if you have a fussy landlord. In this case, the recommended field of play size should be slightly larger then indoors, with the score board usually painted on a sheet of MDF or on an exterior wall if available.

Freestyle Fireball
Freestyle fireball is a very popular street variant of fireball, which is played at night using a soccer ball. Similar to hacky sack freestyle players aim to demonstrate their skills by performing tricks with the flaming soccer ball. This spectator centric sport has garnered much popularity amongst juggling aficionadoes, is often performed alongside the fire poi and flaming clubs, but is shunned by hardcore 'fire footbag' fans as being derivative.

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