Epicedium are a technical death metal band from Southern California.


In the winter of 1995, Rainier O'Donnell and Aaron Cross met after a string of unsuccessful attempts to get ahold of eachother through advertisements. After playing together a few times they knew they 'had something that was intense'. Having searched for a name for quite sometime, it wasn't until the disbanding of the former Epicedium (who at the time Dan Dismal now of Crematorium was a member) that the current Epicedium got their name.

Through building a following in southern California over the years by playing such notable venues as The Whisky, The Roxy, Showcase Theater, Brick by Brick, and having played throughout the state of California and beyond, Epicedium 'sent seismic waves through the underground'.

In 1999 the band went into record a 5 song demo at Moon Studios, and got connected with Brutal Sound Productions who helped promote the band on a larger scale. Epicedium went on to do shows with Deicide, Six Feet Under, Malevolent Creation, Fleshgrind, Mortician, Junglerot, Moonspell, Exhumed, Origin, Cephalic Carnage, Disgorge, Vile and Deeds of Flesh.

Epicedium's self titled debut album was released in spring 2005.
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