EGLN Radio

EGLN Radio (formerly known as Hot Rock Planet and BFRadio) is an Internet radio community based off the GameSurge IRC network.

The radio station is a fast paced Rock station that consists of many different radio personalities as well as varying types of rock music, from The Beatles to Nickelback to Cannibal Corpse and other hard rock/metal bands.

EGLN Radio was partnered with EGLN (Electronic Gaming Live Networks) from December 2006 - July 2007. Since the partnership, listener counts have grown substantially on many nights and always have a steady base during weekdays. The partnership ended when EGLN closed down due to personal reasons with its ownership.

One of the more distinctive aspects of EGLN Radio is the "automated song request system" for listeners when there is no Live DJ On Air. The web based system allows users to request what music they want to listen to throughout the day. With a massive library of music, the possibilities are endless for the listener who wants to spend the day listening to the music he/she wants to.

As the community continues to grow, EGLN Radio has introduced several large giveaways and partnerships with several other communities. There are CD, DVD, Games, and Internet Gaming based prizes given away several times a month.
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