DYERTRINI is a Metal band from Tampines,Singapore.They dislike to be labelled to a specific metal genre.Their main influences are: Metallica,Pantera,Iron Maiden, King Diamond,Ensiferum,Slayer,Job For A Cowboy,Gojira,Sepultura, Soulfly and The Haunted.These are the main influences that shaped the band and their songs.


DYERTRINI started back in 2003(all of them were only 15 years old then) with only two members Suhardi(drummer) and Sudurul(guitarist).Back then they covered songs from Metallica,Iron Maiden and Pantera.Soon after few months scouting for a bassist and vocalist,Syahidin and Rasyid(Friends of both Suhardi and Sudurul)decided to fill in the spot. Syahidin on bass and Rasyid on vocals.Now that they have completed their line-up,Suhardi named the band PROPHECY(took from a song title of Soulfly's album Prophecy),much more cover songs were covered and an original was composed titled Blackened but never played live until their first ever performance at Singapore Expo,performed 7 songs for an hour set.Their performances were not frequent then.

In 2005 they were to perform at Gaushaus but due to Suhardi's latecoming and not being serious which resulted in the band separation which prolonged for only a month where they got back together,sort things out and became a much stonger force.A few months later they performed at Undiscovered Band Competition,sadly they didn't win but atleast they knew that it was all for entertainment and passion for the music they love.

In October 2007 they performed at Downtown East,Pasir Ris and DXO,Esplanade,by this time they have already have 2 more originals titled Mass Murder and Hatred Inside.The song Mass Murder talks bout wars and political parties while Hatred Inside talks bout life in sorrow and pain.Mass Murder was actually a very thrash metal-paced song but after much modification,it's has a mixture of groove metal and thrash metal elements.Hatred Inside is a straight out Progressive Death Metal elements.

On 31st December 2007,DYERTRINI performed at Woodlands Countdown Party 2008 playing their two recent originals Mass Murder and Hatred Inside,by this time most locals have recognized them and what they can do in the metal scene in Singapore.


Recently the band is working on their demo and organizing a band competition for youths reason being is so that other bands have the chance to expose their talents no matter what genre they're into.They believe that music is for all to share.There will be more upcoming performances by them in 2008.Do view them at their Myspace page : www.myspace.com/dyertrini2004.
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