Dyanne Iandoli

Dyanne Iandoli (born in 1991 in Long Island, New York) is an American actress. She played murdered 6-year-old pageant queen JonBenét Ramsey in the 2000 telefilm Perfect Murder, Perfect Town: JonBenet and the City of Boulder, written and directed by Lawrence Schiller.
Iandoli's parents met with a child psychologist before allowing Dyanne to play JonBenet Ramsey, to ensure that she would not be emotionally scarred. They also would not allow her to act in any of the murder scenes, visit the basement set, and insisted that she be called Dyanne rather than JonBenet throughout the filming. A rubber doll was used in the basement and autopsy scenes.
Iandoli currently still resides in Long Island. She attended Commack Public Schools from Kindergarten through 5th grade before moving into Smithtown. She now resides in Smithtown. She is planning on restarting her acting career in the near future.
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