Duke Conover

Duke Conover was born Patrick Gerard Conover on May 25, 1960, in Santa Monica, California. Conover is a newspaper editor, reporter and writer. He currently serves as the managing editor of "The Paducah Sun", a 27,000-circulation daily newspaper in Paducah, Kentucky. Previous to Paducah, Conover served as editor of The Morganton News-Herald, 12,000 circulation daily, in Morganton, N.C.

Conover started his newspaper career in 1986 as a freelance writer after serving in the United States Navy. He published a book of essays in 1992. Conover has also served as a reporter, editor or contributor for newspapers in Danville, Va., King, N.C., Rural Hall, N.C., High Point, N.C., Columbia, Mo., Santa Barbara, Calif., Palmdale, Calif., and Los Angeles, Calif.

Conover is married to Catherine Ann Farthing, born 1959, of Dunn, N.C., and they have two children: Aaron Patrick Conover, born 1986, an Army Cavalry Scout married to Ashley Curtis of Morganton, N.C., and Linda-Catherine Marie Conover, born 1997, a student in Lone Oak, Ky.
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