The Degenatron is a fictional second generation gaming system from the videogame, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, that parodies the Atari 2600 and the Intellivision. In the game, phony advertisements can be heard on the radio for the Degenatron on multiple stations. It is also critisized by a women on VCPR for having a bad influence on her kids. A billboard advetising the Degenatron can be found in downtown, Vice City. The game exaggerates the real reception of videogames and technology in general during that time period. Note the close similarity between Degenatron and the word degenerate.


The Degenatron plays three fictional games which parody real video or arcade games of the 1980's. The games are Defender of the Faith, which likely parodies Defender, Monkey's Paradise, which likely parodies , and Penetrator, which likely parodies Tempest. The games technically do exist now as "emulators" they can be played online.
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