DCI Telecom

DCI Telecom is a telecommunications company based in Saint-Laurent, Quebec. The company provides long distance, broadband phone, cellular and internet service in the United States and Canada.

Long distance

DCI Telecom provides discounted long distance service to customers in Canada and the USA. DCI started back in 1986 as a DIAL IN service in Montreal and Toronto. Today DCI has hundreds of access numbers in Canada, the USA and overseas that provide dialtone to registered users. DCI also offers DIRECT ACCESS 1+ service in Canada.

Broadband phone service

DCI broadband phone service is a VOIP service like Vonage except that DCI allows unlimited local calls. Currently only 514 area codes are available.

Cellular service

DCI offers GSM cellular service to Canadian customers on the former Microcell/Fido network, now owned by Rogers Telecom. Coverage is the old Fido footprint. Service outside the old Fido footprint is not available as DCI does not support roaming.

DCI is not a reseller of Fido branded rate plans or service. DCI uses the Fido network and pays wholesale airtime rates for the minutes it uses. That allows DCI to waive the monthly system access fee and to create its own unique rate plans.

DCI SIM cards are either blank or labeled Kore Wireless, and share the same . Once DCI SIM card is installed, "Kore" is displayed.

DCI Wireless recently increased its 911 fee from $0.50 to $1.25. It still does not charge a SAF. It charges 10 cents per SMS to send. Receiving is free.

List of phones

* Motorola V3 Razr
* Motorola V66
* Motorola V360
* Panasonic A100
* Panasonic X300
* Palm Treo
* MPX 200
* Siemens CP62
* Nokia 1100
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