Dashboard prophets

Dashboard Prophets (formely known as F.U.K.)is an alternative rock group formed in California in 1991 by singer/guitarist Chris Dye, are best known for thier music being featured in the episode The Harvest of the cult television show Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Name and background
Dashboard Prohets was founded by singer/guitarist Chris Dye. One day in 1991 Dye walked into a local club known as Coconut Teaser where the band Lodestone had been performing, Chris was immediately impressed by the rhythm section (Leo Boci on drums & Greg Evanski on bass). Dye was looking to create a Rock & Roll band and had been looking for members, knowing that Boci and Evanski would be perfect for the group he got in touch with them through a friend. The trio played around Los Angeles for a while under the name F.U.K. but felt like something was missingthere was something missing? They needed to find a guitar player.

Chris' longtime friend Timothy La Rue filled in for a while but eventually left to form his own band. After numerous attempts Daniel Meyer walked into a rehearsal. There was immediate chemistry in the room. Daniel was looking for a rock band he could let loose in and he had found it. They continued to play under the name F.U.K. until one day when a new idea for a name came to them, Dashboard Prophets which seemed to fit with the explosive style of rock they were playing and also alluded to the utter commercialism of society, prophets reduced to pieces of plastic you stick on your dashboard.

1995:No Name Recordings
The Dashboard Prophets hit the Los Angeles scene hard and became known as the band to see. Steve Ross who was working for No Name Recordings at the time was impressed by the Prophets and eventually landed them a deal on No Name Recordings owned by Steve Richards.

1995-1996:Burning Out the Inside
Upon signing the record deal with No Name Recordings, The Prophets went into the studio with GGGarth Richardson to begin working on their debut album. Their debut album Burning Out the Inside only took weeks to produce and was released in 1996.

1996-1997:Label Collapse
The Prophets began numerous tours to support their newly released album. The band was skyrocketing towards fame, however their record label No Name Recordings wasn't doing well and eventually had to close its doors. They played around for a while but the weight of all they had been through eventually got to them. The band decided to call it quits in 1997.

1997:Solo Projects
After the bands decision to split, Dashboard Prophets founder Chris Dye continued on with a solo career and released the record "11 Strings 4 Tracks and The Truth" in late 1997.

In 2002 all four band members of Dashboard Prophets reunited for a benefit concert, none of the members of the band have ever confirmed nor denied that Dashboard Prophets may one day reunite.

Burning Out the Inside(1996)

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