Chucky vs. Leprechaun

"Chucky vs. Leprechaun" is the cancelled crossover of the "Child's Play" and Leprechaun franchises. However, the film never got far in development. Universal did release some information on it.
After the poor success of Seed of Chucky and Leprechaun: Back to Tha Hood, Universal decided to try to require to the Leprechaun film series for a crossover. The film idea was brought up after the success of Freddy vs. Jason. Don Mancini was to produce it, with Ronny Yu directing. Yu had directed Bride of Chucky, and was brought on to direct the film. The film never got beyond a story.
Don Mancini pitched the idea to Universal. The plot went that a B Creature Feature film crew went up to a family owned farm to shoot their new project, "Slime." The owner of the farm, Rebecca Tinsel, has a Good Guy doll, despite that Chucky killed her family. While the crew films, she recites the spell, thinking that there is only one Chucky. She turns out to be wrong, as the doll comes alive and starts killing the crew. The crew, by this time, has obtained the gold. This enovkes the Leprechaun, who attacks the crew, but fails to kill any of them or get his gold. Chucky witnesses this, and using a piece of the gold, captures the Leprechaun. The Leprechaun agrees to help Chucky in killing the crew, (for the purpose of getting his gold back). Rebecca meets Andy Barcley, who is visiting the farm. After hearing each other's encounters with Chucky, they decide to team up to kill hiim. However, Chucky kills Andy and attempts to kill Rebbecca, but fails. The Leprechaun has killed the rest of the film crew, but has not yet found his gold. Chucky finds it and wants it for himself. This enrages the Leprechaun, and he attacks Chucky. As the two fight, Rebecca tries to get off the farm. The fight ends up leaving her with no means of escape. She does meet with a woman named Justin Aloia, who wants revenge on Chucky for killing the crew and her son. Despite a full plot, a script was never written.
Warwick Davis was to reprise his role as the Leprechaun. When asked about the film, Davis said: " : They're making another Chucky movie. I run an agency called Willow Management here in the U.K., and we represent short actors. We did get a call a few weeks ago about another Chucky movie that they're doing. And I thought it was quite ironic that they'd call and I was the one who answered the phone. We'll have to see about a showdown. I think it's really a matter of the studios getting together. Both the franchises are owned by different studios." This confirmed that Universal had not yet obtained the rights to the Leprechaun film series. Brad Dourif said "It is a disgrace to Chucky, and I refuse to be apart of it." The studio cancelled it, knowing that the film would fail without Dourif's assistance.
The project has not totally died yet. Actor Warwick Davis has openly expressed interest in doing the film. Brad Douif has supposedly reconsidered his position on the idea, due to negative feedback from fans. It is speculated among fans that the film will happen after the remake of Child's Play. The remake, however, will not see release until 2012, 2013 or 2014. Should Chucky vs. Leprechaun happen, it may happen for a while.
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