Chondath is a fictional country in the Forgotten Realms campaign setting of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, modelled after Renaissance Italy (although they wear Roman-style armors — image).
Chondath is a country with a long history, located in the Vilhon Reach on the content of Faerûn. It is located on what once was the psiocracy of Jhaamdath.
It is a confederation of city-states under the capital of Arrabar, but used to be a powerful nation in times long past. It has an estimated 2,000,000 inhabitants, most of whom are humans, but with elven and dwarven minorities.
Waukeen, the goddess of trade, is highly worshipped here. Other important gods are Helm, god of guardians; Lliira, goddess of joy; Malar, god of the hunt; Talos, god of storms; and Tempus, god of war. It is more or less of a plutocracy.
Reth is one of the five free cities which form the city-state of Chondath.
Trenton Webb, in his review of the book The Vilhon Reach for British RPG magazine Arcane, described the nation: "In a Soviet fashion, Chondath is a belittled ex-empire humbled by its own experiments with magic of mass destruction and expansionist greed. Now the satellite states that were once united by their fear of Chondath are nervously vying for prominence during its decline."
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