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Childstar is an independent Filipino band from Manila, Philippines, formed in 2006. The group is projecting an alternative pop rock feel good music which is a product of many musical influences and experiences of each member who came from different bands before childstar. They're career as musicians were introduced in February 2008 when Sampaguita tribute album was launched under the production of Ballyhoo Records. Childstar rendered the song Laguna on the album that soon hit the radio airwaves, and consequently recognized as one of the favorites in Energy fm (frequency 91.5). A year after Ballyhoo launched the tribute album in the market, the record company decided to call it quits and just concentrated on some of its venture.
The part of the band was on the tribute album to Sampaguita was one of the most recognized and sought amongst the line up for the album, when it was introduced in the music scene. Although, it received positive feedback and promising comments from listeners and fellow musicians, it was not enough to launch their career and be part of a major label. When Ballyhoo paved its goodbye, the promotion of the said tribute album which is supposed to last for 5 consecutive years was cut short to a year because of some circumstances faced by the new record label. It did not exceed nor reached the popularity of the tribute album (“Kami nAPO muna”) made for the renowned trio APO Hiking Society. Up to the present, the song Laguna covered by Childstar has been often part of the play list of some radio stations.
Childstar at this point in time is up with the recording of their album which is due this year.
Beginnings (2005-2006)
It was initially Marian Ty (vocals) and Aaron Plata (guitars) who were part of the original line up of the band, who thought of continuing they’re career as musicians that formed Childstar. Both have been with other bands before they meet each other through a common friend when they are still in college. Aaron used to play with the band Cube, who renders an alternative rock feel of music, while Marian had her short stint with Periwinkle, a four piece alternative folk rock band. The two then developed a romantic relationship that made their bond as a band mate stronger, since they spend most of the time together as Aaron compose most of the guitar riffs and Marian does the lyrics and most of the melody. Marian introduced her friends Ramil Abon (bass), and Ronald Teplok Teves (drums) who were also members of Periwinkle, to Aaron and immediately the four made its part for the arrangement of the songs. They initially called the band Perimallows, which is a combination of Periwinkle and Mar’s mallow (another former band of Aaron and Marian before Childstar). They were the original line up when the break to be part of the Sampaguita tribute album came into place, and before they changed Perimallows to Childstar.

Breakthrough: The Sampaguita Tribute Album (2007-2008)
One of the former members of Periwinkle, Ardie Marata, introduced Edmund Mijares to Marian Ty, in a gathering where the new band of Ardie (Agos, which soon became Verses), and Perimallows took part of. Edmund was managing Agos back then when he met Perimallows. When Edmund and Agos had a feud, he then turned to Perimallows and offered the band some gigs from production he knows since he saw the potential of the band. Edmund, who have been in the music industry for some time was employed by Ballyhoo Records to materialize the tribute album for Sampaguita, which is one of the major project of the new label. Ballyhoo was founded by Randy Dacasin, the former drummer of Sugarhiccup.
Sampaguita, is a female rock icon in the late 70’s and early 80’s that the project was allotted for. Since Ballyhoo was just starting, they wanted to produce something known to the public, and the trend of paying tribute to famous artists and musicians was a huge success back then. The label has a short list of female fronted bands that they want to be part of the projects, but there are still a few slots available for others to fill.
Perimallows auditioned for some of the part when Edmund informed them about it. They were given a list of tracks that will be part of the album, and they were free to choose which song they desire as long as they pass the audition through submission of demos. They decided to render the song “Laguna”, which was one of the hits of Sampaguita, during her time. A week later after submitting their material, Perimallows got one of the cut in the project which made each member of the group excited to make more further arrangements and polish on the song.
On the other hand, Edmund find Perimallows a bit hard to comprehend as a band name, when he asked the band to change it to something else. It took some time for the group to think for another name, and so while brainstorming, the members ended up with a chat of Marian’s ultimate dream when she was a child to be a singer-actress that gave them the idea to call themselves Childstar. Marian used to audition in some talent shows when she was little, and she shared this experience when they were thinking of a new band’s name when the idea of Childstar came into mind.
The recording of the tribute album took place not more than 3 months until it was released in the 29th of February 2008 at Eastwood City, Libis, Quezon City. Childstar along with other female fronted bands such as Paramita, Sugarhiccup,Fuseboxx, Rockaby, Cherrycornflakes, Chubibo and Paraluman, were present in the said event. The launch was then followed by various mall and provincial tours that lasted for almost a year when Ballyhoo Records decided to stop its operation.
After the breakthrough (2009-present)
It was devastating for the band to be left behind by the label when it closed. As an independent artist, it is a big burden to do all the followings for promotion on their own. It was also during that time that the band grew apart. Ramil and Teplok, due to some personal reasons and commitments have to leave the band for good. Although, there are speculations that Marian and Aaron decided to drop the two since no development in terms of skill and musicality on the other two musicians. But this was denied by former.
When Aaron and Marian was left on the line hanging on to continue, it was Aaron’s turn to introduce his friends, Jayson Rondero (bass) and Jeffrey Castro (drums). They were Aaron’s mentors when he was still starting as a musician. However, Jason left the group abruptly when Silent Sanctuary (another band) spotted him to be their new bassist. The latter mentioned was already established, which is not hard to understand why he left the group after a few months. Although it was a short notice, the rest of the band members understood the situation. Jeffrey, the new drummer of Childstar then recruited Francis Koy Vista (bass), who was a dear friend, to complete the new line up of the band. As a four-piece band, they struggled to attain the sound they want, and that leads into a search of another guitarist.
When Childstar was still touring to promote the Sampaguita tribute album, they usually share it with other bands such of Sugarhiccup. Childstar established a friendship with the latter especially with the guitarist, Brenton Bernardo. When Sugarhiccup’s line up was changed, Brenton and the drummer were booted out of the group. It was then Brenton who fill the post for another guitarist for Childstar.
The New Childstar
The band, with its new line up is now certain that they will continue up to where this journey will lead them. They are currently working out recording all their originals to come up with an album which is expected to finish before the end of this year.
Marian Ty - vocals/harmonica
Aaron Plata - guitars
Brenton Bernardo - guitars
Koy Vista - bass
Jeffrey Castro - drums
Ramil Abon - bass
Teplok Teves - drums
Jason Rondero - bass
• Sampaguita Tribute Album (2008)

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