Chancellor Industries

Chancellor Industries is a fictional business on the CBS daytime drama, The Young and the Restless.
It is a major engineering and design company located in Genoa City, Wisconsin. The company has been referred to as a sleeping giant; according to former Chief Executive Officer Jack Abbott "financially capable and always without scandal." Chancellor Industries has been one of the largest companies in Genoa City for well over three decades. Throughout the years, Chancellor Industries has and fired many resident of Genoa City, and has been a major part of the economic landscape. The earliest Chief Executive Officer on records was Phillip Chancellor II who died in a tragic car accident in mid-1970s.
Chancellor Industries subisdiaries
* Jabot Cosmetics
* Chancellor Foundation
* Chancellor Industries
Chancellor Industries Employees
* Katherine Chancellor (Owner and Chairman of the Board of Directors; Former Chief Executive Officer and Advisor to the CEO)
* Neil Winters (Chief Executive Officer)
* Jill Foster Abbott (Executive)
* Brock Reynolds (Chairman of the Chancellor Foundation)
Former Employess
* Cane Ashby (Executive at Chancellor Industries; Vice-President of Acquisitions; Former Clear Springs Construction Manager for Chancellor Industries)
* Jack Abbott (Chief Executive Officer)
* Elliot Hampton (Chief Executive Officer)
* Phillip Chancellor III
* Phillip Chancellor II (Chief Executive Officer)
* Derek Thurston (Chief Executive Officer)
* Trent Jordan (Executive)
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