Brhmaand Pujan

Brhmaand Pujan is a Hindi book written by Naresh Sonee in 1999, Published by Cosmolatary Spiritual Enlightments, Mumbai-India. Naresh Sonee is also referred as ' Naresh Sonee Sohum Sutra '. Though reviewers and readers believe the author’s writings are Spiritual & Philosophical in verses, but they found it had no connection or comparisons with any religion, Hindu or otherwise. Nor it has any remote connection with any cult or caste. The scripture are sacred but carry or promise no mythology or magic . First version of verses was published in 31 pages. Copyrights and registration of the book had been done in India (HRRD).

‘Brhmaand’ is a Hindi Sanskrit word that means Universe. However, ‘Pujan’ is also a Sanskrit plus Hindi word which means Prayer. ‘Brhmaand Pujan’ means ‘Universal Prayers’. The book focuses on ‘Logical Spirituality’ and speaks about it own unique/novel formula of spirituality. Its Philosophy in poetry ( Anthology ) are linked or based with Universe and Human. Reviewers of leading newspapers/media believes though the book is in capsulated size but can give tuff to any Sacred Scriptures of the world, regardless to what ever they weigh by words, size and pages.
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