Billy M. Sprague

Billy M. Sprague (November 22, 1953) is an American rocket engineer and space scientist noted for his pioneering works in the areas of commercial space transportation and private manned spaceflight.
Billy M. Sprague has served in key technical lead and management roles on many major national programs, including the Space Shuttle SRB, Trident C-4, Peacekeeper, Small ICBM, ICBM Strategic Force Modernization, Minuteman III propulsion and guidance upgrades, Space Shuttle SSME, Space Shuttle ascent flight program/contingencies development, Titan-Centaur, Atlas-Centaur, and Delta programs. Additionally, he has made significant contributions within many conceptual and advanced development efforts such as the Advanced Launch System, National Launch System, Single-Stage-To-Orbit, Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle and National Missile Defense programs.
Mr. Sprague holds a B.S. degree in Physics and Engineering with Honors, and a Bachelor of Physical Science from the University of California, Irvine and furthered his academic background with key engineering and systems management post-graduate studies.
Mr. Sprague serves also as the Chairman of the Board of Directors on the Sprague Astronautics Board of Directors.
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