Bhaskaryya baruah

Bhaskaryya Baruah is one of the most prominsing upcoming Indian poets writing in English. Bhaskaryya was born on 19th of January 1987 and did his schooling from Maria's Public School, Guwahati. In was early in his childhood that he developed a keen interest in poetry. His first poem which beautifully captures the imagination of a 9 year old child was published in his school magazine as well as the children's section of the local news daily 'The Sentinel'.

For the next ten years or so, Bhaskaryya continued writing poetry which he either turned into torn scraps of paper before they saw the light of day or got them published in local weekly magazines. Most of these poems were naive in nature and dealt with the various experiences of growing up including love, dreams and ambitions.

It was in 2004 that Bhaskaryya signed up for an online poetry community Allpoetry. In a website that was flooded by thousands of poerts all over the world, both amateured and established (or talented), it just took few months for Bhaskaryya to be well recognized on the site and regularly read by few of the best poets on there. He won various trophies in the poetry contests organized in the site regularly. His trophies and his work could be accessed at . Within one year, he was also chosen as a poetry teacher for the site where he conducted classes on "The Ghazal as An English Poetry Form" to many enthusiastic and growing poets.

It was on this site that a couple of his English ghazals, inspired by the works of Javed Akhtar, were published on (), a website dedicated entirely to English ghazals.

In 2006, another couple of poems by Bhaskaryya were selected to be published in a reputed poetry anthology called The Eyes Of The Poet , which is up for sale at Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon. A preview of this book could be found at .

Bhaskaryya Baruah is currently pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree from Priyadarshini College of Engineering, Nagpur. After completing his degree, he plans to pursue Mass Communications for his post graduations and later carve a niche for himself in this cut-throat literati world. He's also working on his first independent poetry collection that he plans to call "Messing with Muse".


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