Andrew Blake Ames

Andrew Blake Ames (born 28 April 1983) is an American dancer, choreographer, actor, singer, model, producer and active supporter of Peace through Understanding.
In 1994, Ames represented California and the USA, and traveled to Santiago, Chile through the organization CISV International (formerly Children's International Summer Villages . The summer of 1999, Andrew performed in the Off-Broadway play, Beginnings , directed by Peter Sklar, in the Union Square Theatre. In 2001, he received the California Arts Scholar title and received the Governor's Art Scholars medallion, the highest distinction in California for artistically talented students. That summer, Ames studied with California State Summer School for the Arts, commonly known as CSSSA, in California School for the Arts, in Valencia,California.
In 2004, he represented the SF Bay Area as a winner from the WB Casting Call Contest. In 2005, Ames was certified as a personal trainer with ““NESTA”” (“National Endurance and Sports Training Association“) . In 2007, Andrew Blake Ames was a part of the cast in the movie Naked Boys Singing [http://en. .org/wiki/Naked_Boys_Singing_(film)] singing favorites like "Jack's song" and "Gratuitous Nudity." In 2008, Andrew was in the national Orbit Gum commercial, and was featured as "Rijiy Ames" on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD).
In 2010, Andrew Blake Ames, represented California State University, Long Beach, and the U.S. Department of Education through the scholarship program ""FIPSE/CAPES"" , and studied in Florianopolis, Brazil.
Ames was born in . Shortly after, he moved to Los Angeles, California to work in the Film/Television Industry. Ames has appeared in the movie “"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"“ with Adam Sandler and Jessica Biel, has appeared on TV show “"Will and Grace"“ in it's 8th and final season, and was a dancer for the 2010 “”TV Land Awards”” hosted by Tim Allen. , Ames spent several years in Europe, Russia, and Africa, performing in a variety of shows including: "Cirque Bijioux," and Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber "Music of the Night." As a dancer, he has had the opportunity to work with the choreographers: Toni Basil, Wade Robson, Lynn Brilhante, Mia Michaels, Lee Martino.
As a personal trainer, in Los Angeles, he has worked with Rock & Roll Hall of Fame clients, MLB Hall of Fame clients, A-List Actors, dancers, choreographers, extreme sport athletes, doctors, and scientists. Currently, Andrew Blake Ames is an undergraduate at California State University, Long Beach working on a B.S. in Kinesiology.
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