Riptide (Of Percy Jackson and the Olympians) is a magical sword used by the protagonist of the fictional Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, Percy Jackson. The sword is extremely powerful, and just like other weapons in the series it is disguised as a modern day object, in this case a pen. When it is "uncapped", the pen extends into a sword. Percy can never lose this magical tool due to its magical ability to always reappear in his pocket just as long as it was in pen form. The sword was given to Percy by Chiron, who got it from Poseidon in The Lightning Thief, the first book of the series. Anaklusmos is made out of Celestial Bronze, and because of this it cannot harm mortals, only immortals, monsters, and other demi-gods. This is made evident in The Lightning Thief when Percy is affronted by a gang of humans. Anaklusmos has been used to kill many monsters, including the Furies. It is humorous to note that Percy was at first disappointed by the gift, as it took the form of the ballpoint pen at that time.

Anaklusmos is a great source of help to Percy, and saves his life many times. It also has a long and tragic history. It originally belonged to Zoë Nightshade, a former Hesperid and the fifth daughter of Atlas, the Titan General. Zoë had used this sword, which at that time took the form of a pin rather than a pen, to help Hercules to escape the dragon Ladon and to seize the golden apple. As a result, Zoë was banished and exiled for helping a hero. Hercules betrayed her so she had since forsworn men and joined the Hunters of Artemis. She told Percy that he was no Hercules and she was happy to see him with the blade.

The name Anaklusmos is Greek for literally 'wash against' (anaagainst, klyzeinwash). But it is referred to as Riptide in the books, even though its official title is Anaklusmos. The name was revealed immediately after Percy had received it from Chiron. This is a fitting name for the sword as Percy Jackson is the son of the sea god Poseidon.

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1. 22-04-2009 00:20
:) :grin ;) 8) :p :roll :eek :upset :zzz :sigh :? :cry :( :x
percy jackson
2. 15-01-2010 23:11
is there going to be an 6th book coming out soon
3. 26-01-2010 19:02
Adorei saber a história da espada parece que nunca ia saber da história dela lendo o livro:-)!!
4. 08-02-2010 22:45
i just wanted a picture of it.
5. 16-02-2010 00:07
um... in english please
6. 24-05-2010 17:38
7. 07-06-2010 03:51
awesome percy jackson is sooo cool! :)
8. 09-09-2010 22:41
i have rick riordians email and i just sent him the messege so i dont know i have read all the books but i will have the first copie of it ok!!
9. 18-10-2010 20:41
i named my account after the Anaklusmos. My name on there is Anaklusmos, created on March 20th, 2009
10. 17-02-2011 04:04
I was actually looking for the mythological history behind it but It only gave me one.
11. 23-03-2011 02:39
we have decided to name our soccer team anaklusmos. and the name brought us everlasting luck.
antabella s.
12. 01-04-2011 06:52
There's no the 'sixth book' but theres another serie which is about camp half blood called the lost hero
13. 06-01-2012 18:24
Cant wait till the Mark of Athena
14. 16-01-2012 17:46
I am Greek and my friend found a sword on the beach close to Mount Othrys and on it said Anaklusmos. She thinks it is a gift from Posiedon!
15. 19-01-2012 15:27
Percy Jackson is A W E S O M E . ! !
16. 06-03-2012 21:39
Oh.............. I always wanted to learn about riptides history
17. 09-03-2012 21:46
it will change the way I think of sword fighting and weaponry
18. 24-09-2012 23:43
No, there is no 6th book!!! Only the 3rd book of the Heroes of Olympus, which continues in "Percy's World" and has the PJO crew, as well as some new characters. It's really good. Mark of Athena comes out 2nd October. I can't wait! :P 
Does anyone know what TYPE of sword it is? 
eg. gladdius, spatha, etc.
19. 13-05-2013 03:02
I thought Riptide always came back to Percy no matter what, namely it didn't matter if it was lost as a pen or a sword, it came back. If it always came back AS a pen, better than having it reappear in his shirt's front pocket as a sword! Ouch!
20. 11-10-2013 13:13
celetil bronze

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