Alpha Flight 1970

Alpha Flight 1970, also known as AFL or AFL 1970, is a German demoscene group that focuses on home computers.
The group was founded in 1985 and it focused on releasing programs to the Commodore 64. The name is based on Marvel Comics Alpha Flight comic book series. The affix 1970 refers to the birth year of the founders (Seven Up, Crime, The Damned, Frankie Double Team, The Gothicman and Danny).
In 1988 they started releasing Cracker Journal, first regular Amiga diskmagazine.
Alpha Flight is marked by different discmagazines, demos ja intros, which were released to the home computers, like Commodore 64, Amiga and later to the PC. Overview of all productions can be found <span class="plainlinks">[// here]</span>. Newest release is from August 2016.
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