Adam Rodness

Adam Rodness, born September 6th 1983 in Toronto, Ontario Canada.
Adam is an actor, writer, and director in film and TV. He studied the arts at Seneca@York for Radio and Television Broadcasting.
Adam Rodness has hosted "BPMTV", Canada's Dance Channel, in 2005 (
As well, he has appeared in a number of commercials, including; PEPSI & Doritos, Cranium and Pizza Pops.

His first feature film was "Surviving" in 2006 (
He continues to work in TV, film and radio while spending his time between Toronto and Los Angeles.

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1. 18-09-2012 05:18
Laura Goertz - Hey Fran!AMAZING!!! We love the pictures and all the wrfdeonul things you had to say about us. You had me crying in the car on the way to the airport today.(what me cry!!??) I feel the same way about you! You are an instant friend:) You made everything so easy even though I was close to hyperventilating. Your pictures are amazing and I cant wait to see more! Thank you so much!!August 6, 2010 7:37 pm

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