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AD Village LLC was founded in San Francisco, California in August 2008 by Marissa Louie and Duc Haba, a founder of Viant Inc.

It is is the parent company of, an Internet-based website that provides ad management software as a service (SaaS).

About is an advertising marketplace. It provides a free service that recommends ads from multiple ad networks to website owners, or publishers. It delivers ads to its users' websites regardless of website traffic level.

Current Status
AD-Village is headquartered in Milpitas, California with an additional office in San Francisco, California.

Products and Services

Ad Management's ad management solution is accessible by logging into its corporate site. It has several components: Ad Serving, Ad Recommendation, Ad Targeting, Account Management, Analytics, and Revenue Monitoring.

*Ad Serving: Users have two options for serving their ads to their websites: self-serve and auto-serve. Through self-serve ads, users select and manage each ad they deliver to their own websites. Through auto-serve ads, chooses the ads it serves to publisher websites.
*Ad Recommendation: AD-Village recommends the optimal ads for a user based on the unique profile of his website. The user can choose either relevancy or monetization as his ad targeting goals.
*Ad Targeting: Users have the ability to select ads that fit specific ad targeting criteria such as topic, geographic location, and time of day (daypart).
*Account Management: Users can add new websites to their accounts and configure their account preferences.
*Analytics: Users can monitor their current and projected revenue streams and ad performance characteristics.
*Revenue Monitoring: Users can monitor their revenue streams by account, website, and individual ad.

Self-Serve Ads

If a user decides to self-serve ads to his site, he manually approves the ads to be placed. The ads are placed in the queue and served at the appropriate time. AD-Village has partnered with to provide a downloadable plugin that delivers AD-Village ads to personal weblogs.

AD-Village uses cloud computing technology to host its ads on the Internet.

Consulting has certified consultants who provide affordable consulting services including:
*Custom configuration of the AD-Village Ad Management solution for large website and blog networks
*Software as a Service integration with cloud computing platforms including and Google by certified ISV consultants
*Website Optimization for increasing website traffic
*SEO Optimization for increasing search engine ranking
*Creative Services including marketing material creation, advertisement creation, press releases

Partnerships has partnered with several ad networks to deliver ads across multiple sizes and formats to its users' websites. It maintains partnerships with ad networks that provide payouts that are larger than averages across the Internet advertising industry.

Its current partnerships include:
*Traffic Marketplace
*Yahoo Ads

Supported Ad Formats

Supported ad formats include:

*Video Ads (Brightcove FLV, JV FLV, YouTube FLV, Revver FLV)
*Adobe Flash
*Display Ads, also known as Image Ads
*Text Ads


PayPal is used to both receive and provide payments.


Its primary competitors are Google AdSense and DoubleClick DART.
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