Aama Bombo

Buddhi Maya Lama, or Aama Bombo as she is also known, is a spiritual leader and Shaman who was born in Melong, Nepal. Aama gained international recognition as a healer and resides on the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers - a group of spiritual elders, medicine women and wisdom keepers.
Early life
Aama was born into a poor family of Tibetan ethnicity in Melong, Nepal. Aama had yearned to be a Shaman, like her father, from the age of five. However, the Tamang tradition of not allowing women to practice shamanism was continued by Aama's father, a well-known Shaman and so Aama's interest in such practices were restricted.
Crisis and transformation
Aama married, turned 16, and moved to Kathmandu. Aama's father died at the age of 80 soon after her move. As an adult, Aama continued with her life as normal until, at 25 years old, she began to suffer from curious convulsions. People speculated that Aama might be suffering from a mental disorder and were concerned for her. However, after Aama was taken to see a Buddhist Lama fourteen months later, the Lama recognised that her 'complaint' was actually her deceased father trying to work through her. It transpired that, even though her father was against women becoming involved in shamanism during his life, in death he had chosen to work through his daughter - due to not being able to find anyone worthy enough to receive his spirit.
Work as a shaman
Aama has become well known and popular as a Shaman She is also known, not as her birth name Buddhi Maya Lama, but as Aama Bombo which translates as mother shaman. Aama works from early in the morning healing poor people as well as rich and heals over 100 people every day. Aama has been popular assisting many of the members of the Nepalese Royal Family.
During Aama's work as a healer, she says she channels the spirits and deities of her father, Kali, Hanuman-ji, nature spirits and many gods and goddesses from the water, sky, land, the above world and underworld.
Prophesies and predictions
Aama claims to have the gift of prophesy. She successfully predicted the massacre which ended the Royal Line of Nepal.
The International Council of 13 Grandmothers
In 2004, Aama was approached by The Center for Sacred Studies to serve on the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers.
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