.977 Music Network

.977 Music Network is an online network of internet radio stations accessible through Winamp, Amarok, Exaile and other music player software that support Shoutcast streaming contents. It is also possible to access .977 radios through their website. Its flagship station specializes in 1980s music. Currently they have the following radios: The Hitz, The Mix Channel, The Alternative Channel, The Oldies, Country Channel and some others.
.977's parent company, Club 977, Inc., was formed in the summer of 1998 and began broadcasting shortly after that.
.977 operates 24/7 and is frequently #1 on Shoutcast's list of stations ordered by popularity; it has also been carried on Apple's iTunes radio service since at least 2002. .977's 80s station was originally known as Club 977 until it changed to .977 (pronounced "dot 977"); they have retained the .977 branding for other stations in the network.
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