Zenphoto is an online photo gallery application designed to be "a simpler web photo album." It includes dynamic image processing, folder-based albums, editable titles and descriptions powered by AJAX, comments, themes, online uploads, and simple image management.
Zenphoto was started from scratch by Tristan Harward in May 2005 after several articles were posted on weblogs citing the need for a better solution than those already existing. Development of the first version moved swiftly and was driven by user comments on Harward's weblog at trisweb.com. The first available version was 0.8, released on September 15, 2005.
Zenphoto is now a team based application including many active developers. The team released the first major ZenPhoto upgrade in 8 months on November 3, 2007, version 1.1.
Technical description
One of zenphoto's most unusual features is the image processor, which routes all image requests through a single dynamic program. Based on the parameters given, the image processor resizes and crops the image and returns the result. This results in the ability to request any permutation of an image within a theme or web page.
In general, Zenphoto uses a technical philosophy of simplicity and efficiency. Data are not retrieved until requested (lazy evaluation) and algorithms are optimized to be fast for their intended purpose.
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