Yama Umi Do

Yama Umi Do is a style of Karate which is a combination of several Marshal Arts forms. Yama Umi Do is an interpreted as "Where the mountain meets the sea." This style is noted in the Masters Section on the website for the International Combat Martial Arts Union at www.icmaua.com by Director Dr. Mihails Pupinsh.
It is a working example of the philosophy of Yin and Yang, the principal of equal opposites maintaining balance and harmony in the Universe. Yama Umi Do maintains this philosophy by teaching the student many varied martial arts and styles, sometimes opposite, but creating balance within the student.
Sensei Mark Wagner, of Rochester New York, developed the Yama Umi Do style of Martial Arts at his dojo, the Imperial Martial Arts Studio. The name of this style of Martial Arts has been misquoted as Yami Umi Do.
To emphasize and demonstrate Yama Umi Do Sensei Wagner often adapted the quote famous quote by Buddha "In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the stream always wins -not through strength, but through persistence." Buddha. Quote is often attributed to H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Author of "Life's Little Instruction Book and others.
Instead Sensei Wagner said, "In the confrontation between the sea and the mountain, the sea always wind, not through strength but through persistence."
All information about Yama Umi Do is quoted from the Imperial Karate Handbook written by Sensei Mark Wagner.
Students of Sensei Wagner have gone on to take the style they learned from Sensei Wagner and his teachers, Sensei David Mason, and he combined it with martial arts techniques like Ryu-Kai to found a new blended style of martial arts. Sensei Mason was one Sensei Wagners Students & instructors. Soke Caulkins, Master Instructor and author of several Martial Arts Books, at the golden Dragon Dojo in Caledonia, New York was impressed with Sensei Mason's teaching style and ideals. Sensei Mason invited then "Sensei" Calkins to teach with him in N. Chili, NY. Sensei Mason also held a Black Belt in Isshin-Ryu Karate under the training of Master Joe Jennings. Working with one of the instructors of Yami-Umi-Do Soke also trained in the style of Ryu-Kai a blended style called "Style of Styles." Soke achieved a 2nd Degree Black Belt in this system.
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Sensei Mark Wagner 6 October 1955 - 16 July 2011

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