William Robert Plumlee

William Robert Plumlee (born November 25, 1937 in Panama City, Florida) is an American pilot who claims to have worked for the CIA. He was known as "Tosh" and also as William H. "Buck" Pearson.
Military service
Plumlee enlisted in the U. S. Army in April 1954 and was assigned to the Texas 49th Armored Division at Fort Bliss, Texas. He later transferred to 4th Army Reserve Military Intelligence Unit at Dallas Love Field in Dallas, Texas.
Civilian career
He became an aircraft mechanic after leaving the Army and obtained an airplane pilot's license in 1956, he worked as airplane mechanic at Southwest Airmotive at Dallas Love Field.
Alleged CIA service
He claims to have subsequently worked as a pilot for secret CIA flights including some for William King Harvey, Tracy Barnes and and he flew arms to Fidel Castro in Cuba prior to the overthrow of Fulgencio Batista.
After Castro took over Plumlee says he then flew arms to Castro's opponents.
In 1962 he further claims to have joined Task Force W Section for the Cuban Project (also known as Operation Mongoose) then run from the JM/WAVE station in Miami, Florida where he worked as both a pilot and undercover CIA CAG (Covert Action Group) operative. His code name was "Zapata". He was also a member of the Operation 40 project.
He later worked as an undercover pilot and operative during the Ronald Reagan Administration's "Drug War" flying arms to Nicaraguan Contras and cocaine back to the United States.
In 2010, Playboy magazine published an article by Hillel Levin in which John Roselli was implicated in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy by Plumlee and James Files, an inmate within the Illinois Department of Corrections.
There is essentially no corroboration for Plumlee's claims. A website in support of his claims includes a variety of documents, but all of them merely record what Plumlee told various officials, or contain information about events in which Plumlee claims to have participated, without any actual evidence of his participation.
* J. Edgar Hoover (1964)
* Senator Frank Church Church Committee (1975-1976)
* Senator John F. Kerry, Kerry Committee report (1988-1991)
* Congressman Thomas N. Downing, Chairman of House Select Committee on Assassinations
* Arizona Governor Bruce Babbitt
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