Wayne Dupree

Wayne Dupree sometimes called the NewsNinja, is an American conservative talk radio host, blogger and political commentator. He is also the founder and CEO of We Are America Radio, a conservative internet radio network.
Wayne Dupree is the founder and host of The Wayne Dupree Show, which is televised on the Right Side Broadcasting Network and simulcast on the Spreaker podcasting platform. Dupree is also the founder and CEO of the conservative internet radio network We Are America Radio, commonly referred to as WAAR.
Dupree has been an active commentator and campaigner in American politics. He frequently spoke at Tea Party rallies, and joined the Tea Party Express bus tour in 2014 to travel from Florida to Minnesota hosting rallies. Dupree is also a board member for the National Diversity Coalition for Trump.
In April 2016, the Citizens for Trump grassroots campaign announced that Dupree would be joining them as their National Spokesperson and Minority Outreach Liaison.
In December 2016, Right Side Broadcasting Network, that televises Dupree's weekly show, announced their network will have access to the White House Press Briefing Room.
On December 16, 2016, Dupree filled in as guest host for the Bruce Elliott Show on WCBM 680 AM talk radio in Baltimore with guest callers Diamond and Silk.
Social Media
Much of Dupree's notoriety is derived from social media, Dupree was included in a list of 2016 "election influencers" published by the MIT Media Lab, which ranked people by their influence in news and Twitter discussions about the 2016 presidential election.
In August 2016, The Washington Post referred to Wayne Dupree as a media figure. . The New York Times quoted Dupree for defending Donald Trump during a live periscope, Dupree urged blacks to examine the conditions they were living under and encouraged them to vote for Donald Trump to change America.
Dupree won "Best in Show: Podcast" at the 2014 Blog Bash event hosted at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Dupree was named Blogger of the Year by the American Conservative Union in 2015.<ref name="CPAC" />
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