Wala Mirza

Shazada Wala Mirza (11 February 1577- 7 April 1600) was a Royal Prince as the second son of Emperor Akbar and Mariam-uz-Zamani. He was born in Agra Fort in 1579. He was also grandson of Emperor Humayun and Raja Bharmal.
He was younger brother of Jahangir.
In 1594, he married his cousin Kunvri Anupurva Bai (1581-1648), the second daughter of Raja Bhagwant Das, she also step sister of Jahangir first wife Shah Begum.
The Prince was his father's fourth son who called him "latejigar" .
Akbar gave him 4000 mansab in 1595.
Wala Mirza was also faujdar of Ajmer from 1593 to 1598.
He died in Agra in 1600 of natural causes and was buried at Sikandra, Agra. After his death, his two daughters were brought up by his grandmother and the two princess lived until her death at Marium uz zamani palance.
He was the father of two daughters:
* Shazadi Amina Banu Begum (1596-1625): she was a Poet and given him title "Mehfil Ki Shazadi" by Emperor Jahangir.like she died at Ajmer and buried.
* Shazadi Zamina Banu Begum (1598-1652): she married to Prince Shah Jahan In 1618 she had one daughter Princess she died childhood.
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