VDSmanager is a Web Control Panel that allows the management of Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS, VPS) through an easy web interface. The server administrator uses VDSmanager to divide one physical server into multiple isolated virtual environments, absolute unix-systems.
The Control Panel is developed by ISPsystem Company in 2002.
VDSmanager is available as demo version.
Each VDS has unique IP address and guaranteed system resources like CPU, RAM, disk space.
The program product uses the unique virtualization technology and works on FreeBSD OS.
Also VDSmanager-Linux version can support for Linux OS and some other virtualization technologies, such as OpenVZ and Xen.
VDSmanager installation package
* Kernel. Installation requires that FreeBSD kernel be modified.
* Web-interface.
* Shell-scripts.
Main features
* Absolute root access. VDS Admin has an absolute access to all the files stored on the server, including the ones from preinstalled software package. Administrator can install any other software compatible with the software used, reboot Virtual Dedicated Server from shell or via web-browser.
* Preinstalled software. The number of preinstalled software packages is unlimited and will be automatically mount into the VDS file system.
* Flexible configuration. Each VDS has certain limits on processor time, RAM, CPU and disk space usage, number of simultaneously running processes, file descriptors, IP packages. You can change these parameters without rebooting your VDS.
* Hierarchy of access. VDSmanager users are: Admin, Reseller, VDS Owner
* Interface Themes and Languages. VDSmanager has several themes of the interface.
* Scalability. VDSmanager has an open API (application programming interface). So you can use all features of the control panel in your programs.
* System of Updates. Auto updating system provides the latest software versions.
Preinstalled software
VDSmanager developers support extra software pre-installed. This OS template can be use to create as many virtual private servers as needed. The software templates are: ISPmanager, Soft2006 (both includes Apache, PHP, Perl, MySQL and ISPmanager control panel), FreeBSD.
VDSmanager advantages
* Due to the shared memory multiprocessing technology, one application may run many times on many servers. That means the parallel applications will consume less RAM.
* Shared users filesystem (private disk and disk template) eliminates file duplication and the time it takes to move large files over networks. That also provides centralized operating system updating.
VDSmanager disadvantages
* closed source (or proprietary software)
* required operating system with no users’ data stored on a master server
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