Twinklecore, also known as "Noodle Rock", is a sub-genre of Indie Rock music, characterized by high-pitched, noodley guitar parts (most commonly played on multiple guitars) with largely instrumental Math Rock arrangements. The style emerged out of the mid-90's emo rock movement, but focussed more on odd time-signatures (with an often free-form jazz influence) and longer instrumental passages, whilst still maintaining the soft, melodic brand of rock that emo had become known for. Bands such as American Football, Sharks Keep Moving and The Appleseed Cast are considered pioneers of the twinklecore movement.
Twinklecore is seen by many as an amalgamation between Post Rock, Math Rock and Emo rock. Like post rock, it often incorporates long instrumental sequences played in odd time signatures. Unlike post rock music, however, it shy's away from the jarring tempo and dynamic changes the genre is largely known for, and instead maintains a fairly subdued, softer rock approach throughout - a trait more commonly associated with emo rock. Similarly, the vocal style is usually expressive and emotional - largely personal, confessional-like lyrics, sung in mostly softer tones.
The guitar arrangements are a defining factor in twinklecore's main stylistic trait. Most bands incorporate multiple guitarists (usually 2 or 3), with at least one guitarist assigned to playing high-pitched, fast-paced, repetetive melodic sequences (either underneath vocals, or alongside). This brand of guitar "noodling" is a common trait amongst twinklecore bands, and is what largely gives the genre it's "twinkle"-like feel. Guitarists such as Dave Knudson and Victor Villareal are well-known for their fast-paced, noodling abilities, often extremely complex and venturing into math rock territory. The two-handed Tapping technique is often utilised to create polyphonic melodies and develop the song's twinkle feel.
List of Twinklecore Bands
*Algernon Cadwallader
*American Football
*Animal Shapes
*The Appleseed Cast
*Cap'n Jazz
*Ghosts and Vodka
*Joan of Arc
*Minus The Bear
*The One Up Downstairs
*Sharks Keep Moving
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